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Teresa Catalano was born and raised in northwest Toronto to immigrant parents and is a fundraiser in higher education.

Diversity, Equity, and Access in Arts & Culture: Why It Matters

April 2, 2019

I was 21 years old the first time I visited a museum outside of a school trip – I remember visiting the ROM’s planetarium in the second grade. I was intimidated and did not feel it was for people like me, I thought, once I step in they would know that I was an outsider … Continue reading

Unpaid Internships and the Obstacles to Economic Mobility

March 21, 2019

My first year of University was ending and everyone was talking about their summer plans and the internships they had lined up (their parents knew someone who knew someone). I wondered if my family knew anyone in the corporate, professional world who would offer me an internship. The reality was, I had no connections, and … Continue reading