An Analysis Of Diversity & Inclusion In The Workplace

Far too often fundraising professionals who are seeking new roles have lamented that it is difficult to know the true colours of an organization where they are interviewing. We hope that our project will aid in mitigating this challenge in several ways; firstly we hope that it will allow us to take the temperature of Toronto’s fundraising sector. By having a minimum of 40 professionals at medium and large sized fundraising organizations fill out our survey, we plan to pinpoint some of the trends and issues facing our sector with regards to diversity & inclusion in the workplace. Secondly, our goal is to provide our peers with the opportunity to voice both negative and positive constructive feedback regarding organizations where they have worked. This will allow them to feel heard and respected for their experience. It will create the foundation for a platform where this information can be shared online via a Glassdoor like platform. And lastly, we hope that in the long term such a ongoing project will hold organizations to a higher standard of accountability when it comes to living up to their living up to their diversity and inclusion goals.

By: Hava Goldberg, Tanya Rumble and Thiviyaa Sehasothy

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