From Astrological Motive to Philanthropy Motivation: A Shifting Landscape in Tula Daan

In Palpa, Nepal, Ganga Higher Secondary School organized Shreemad Bhagawat Mahayagya, popularly called Mahayagya – an elaborate Hindu ceremony in which the story of Hindu scripture, Purana, is recited in simple terms – from Jan 2 to 9, 2017 to broaden and revitalize the school’s curriculum by adding an aspect of technical education to its existing courses. The Mahayagya raised over 60 Million rupees donation where 67 individuals made Tula Daan of coins, that is donating coins equal to or more than the weight of one’s own body

This project explores what is Mahayagya and Tula Daan? What is the process of Tula Daan? What is driving it? Why do people undergo a complexity of Tula Daan in making donation? And of late, I’d like to explore how it is becoming more of a philanthropic activity rather than just an astrological practice, bringing a major shift in people’s perspective about Tula Daan.

By: Ranjan Khatri

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