Beyond Belonging

“Diversity and inclusion” have increasingly become integrated into the lexicon of the non-proft sector, but what do they mean in the context of non-proft work and in the structure of non-proft organizations? Many organizations recognize the importance of diversity in advancing social change, but how are they implementing practices that promote diversity? How are non-profit organizations creating space for inclusion? What are the emerging and differing perspectives on diversity and inclusion?

This project serves as a vehicle to share perspectives of eight inspiring leaders who have been actively involved in the work of diversity and inclusion in the non-proft sector in the Greater Toronto Area. The stories aim to push past theoretical discussions of diversity to create space for meaningful inclusion and action-oriented change. By sharing both positive experiences as well as challenges that each individual has encountered, this project aims to provide individuals and organizations with diverse perspectives, required to enhance diversity and inclusion and to ultimately inspire action and positive change.

By: Teresa Cheung, Nayeon Kim and Fran Rawling

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