Course Development of: Diversity and Inclusion Organizational Strategic Planning

In partnership with Brescia University College, Janneth Mayorga is creating a course in a manner that is broad enough to be cross-listed into a variety of programs including but not limited to the university’s Leadership, Business Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS), Non-Profit Management (NPM) and Community Development Programs.

The purpose of this course is to give future leaders of business, non-profits, politics, academia and the community the tools they need to be able to create organizations that celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity. Students will come into this course knowing that diversity and inclusion are social issues that need to be addressed and the theory behind why they are still issues today. However, they will leave with an intercultural competency that equips them to enter their community and be able to strategically think how they can create new change.

By: Janneth Mayorga

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