Importance of Integrating Fundraising & Program Teams

The non-profit charitable sector has two fundamental staff roles that are critical to organizational success: Fundraising and Program Professionals. Both hold a set of responsibilities that in their own distinct way help to advance and ultimately fulfill the missions establish by non-profit organizations. Regrettably, these two stakeholders may sometimes be operating in a dysfunctional or unproductive institutional culture that hinders their efforts. Invisible barriers and team silos can surface and create a divided work-culture and operational gaps that can unintentionally undermine the aspirational goals of these charities.

This project paper was inspired by Jessica’s own journey working on the side of programs, yet always eager to learn from fundraising practices and fundraising colleagues. In this project, Jessica explores five reasons or consequences that may emerge when operating in a ‘Fundraising versus Programs’ organizational environment. She also presents five ideas for building a collaborative mindset and shift towards an inclusive and unified approach of ‘Fundraising AND Programs’.

By: Jessica Farias

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