Site Accessibility

About Accessibility on this Site:

The Inclusive Giving website was intentionally designed to be accessible to the widest possible audience. It is fully compatible with popular screen reading software and was designed for those who – for a variety of reasons – may not be able to use a mouse. This website can be navigated using the keyboard on your computer or using other assistive devices. There are many features you can choose to activate for better accessibility as listed below.

Customize the Site for You:

There are various things you can do to change the look of this site to make it easier for you to read. You can make the text bigger and change the contrast. This section gives you instructions on how to do this, as well as information about website accessibility in general.

Text Size:

This site offers three different text sizes (as well as those offered by most internet browsers). They are indicated by the minus and plus icons at the top right of each page. Click on the minus icon to make the body text one size smaller and click on the plus icon to make the body text one size larger.


You can improve the contrast of this website by selecting a high contrast colour scheme.

Skip to Content:

This feature allows the user to skip over the repeated content at the beginning of each page (such as the heading and navigation) and go straight to the main page content. This is especially useful to those with screen readers because it gives the user a way to avoid listening through lengthy menus every time he or she enters a new page.

To try it, navigate to a new page, then press the Tab key twice. The “Skip to content” link should be selected. Press the Enter key to activate the link.
Software You Might Need:

Some documents on this website are available in a PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is needed to open these files.

Tables are Used for Tabular Data Only:

Tables are not used for layout within our website. Tables are only used to present data or information which is best displayed using columns and rows.
Should you have any questions or comments regarding the accessibility of this site, please click here to contact us.