Anil Kanji

Anil Kanji is Head of Acquisition & Engagement at Greenpeace Canada. He leads a team that drives member growth by crafting clear, compelling stories that inspire action, and works closely with Program teams to ensure stewardship and people power is baked into the development of Greenpeace’s advocacy campaigns. He built the digital engagement team from the ground up, and is
constantly driving innovation and learning within the organization. As a member of the Strategic Leadership Team Anil is looking forward to using the Fellowship to help enrich and expand upon existing policies and practices around diversity and inclusion at Greenpeace around the world.

Anil has worked for Greenpeace globally, and most recently graduated from a year-long executive leadership program run by Greenpeace International. Prior to Greenpeace Anil was with MuchMusic/MTV’s marketing team for nearly a decade, working in brand partnerships to build and execute hundreds of integrated marketing campaigns for the world’s biggest advertisers.

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