Lissette Teran

Lissette Teran is an Agronomist with Specialization in Industrial Projects Management in her native Venezuela. Standing out for 12 years on projects involving environmental solutions and rescue of natural environments affected by pollution and oil spills. This experience led to her to develop a conservationist
consciousness, which made her think about the younger generations. Interested in helping young people in acquiring a science-oriented mentality, that facilitate them the way to make the decision about careers in sciences field, to form future professionals who will help your communities to solve environmental problems. She has also gotten involved with various campaign to help environmental
sanitation involving communities, and in her extension work, aimed at children and young, she teaches them some scientist methodologies for research about different topics. Encouraging to the youth within the community curiosity and interest to find new and creative solutions to environmental problems. For
over 4 years, she gave her time as a teacher volunteer counselor in research projects for the Astronomy Club Los Robles, in her hometown. She developed the work directly with different elementary and secondary schools, the Earth’s study, Astronomy and Paleontology. Making their tutees reach, three
consecutive years, recognition as winners in the international version of the Scientist for a Day contest, organized by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California. Looking for new ways to reinvent themselves, she and her family move to Toronto in 2012, where in addition to getting international
certification as Project Management, she has been involved in a new way to help and direct her passion for science and motivation to young people, Visions of Science That Promotes Learning Network for STEM engagement to marginalized, low-income youth. This experience has given her a new perspective
about helping younger generations through philanthropy, to make a vow for the future scientists of Canada. She is planning, in a long term, to bring this culture of helping to her own original country.