Shamina Senaratne

Shamina is Manager, Development at the Surrey Food Bank, BC’s 2nd largest food bank, serving 14,000 clients a month. She is also a contemporary artist whose work, which has often taken up themes related to awareness of diverse and possibly underrepresented voices, has been shown across Canada, in the US and Europe. Before coming into fundraising as Events and Communications Coordinator at Surrey Food Bank, she enjoyed 15 years managing and developing university academic and continuing studies programs at Simon Fraser University. She brought leadership to what became her main role in these positions –bringing engaged and curious minds to places of wonder, exploration and understanding, and bring researchers and learners together to create communities. And she has thrived on finding ways to tell Canadians’ stories to each other in positions working in Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, for small Canadian publishers, community and municipal museums, and through public art and art in public places.