Zaina-Sophie Salibi

My name is Zaina-Sophie Salibi, and I am thrilled a senior colleague informed me of the opportunity to become part of the AFP Fellowship in Inclusion and Philanthropy.

I had many dreams as a child and  teenager (and still do), but found my purpose in life volunteering with the sick and elderly, and also during an internship in Ethiopia made possible by the Coady International Institute.

I hope to be the best fundraiser I can be, which is why I am honoured to learn from the AFP and its Fellows during the next 8 months… and hopefully beyond!

I obtained a B.A. in History from uOttawa in 2004, as well as a Graduate Certificate in e-Publishing from Algonquin College in 2010. I am currently studying Administration Studies and in my spare time, I read, study languages, and listen to podcasts while cooking or cleaning.