Fellowship in inclusion and Philanthropy

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Can Philanthropy Learn From Social Movements Like #BlackLivesMatter & Efforts To Stop Anti LGBTQ Laws Like Bill 1523?

April 25, 2016

Imagine if institutional philanthropy could be strengthened by the kind of mutual trust that social movements are getting by matching fundraising strategies with movement building principles. Nonprofits and foundations should consider different ways to build connections with increasingly diverse people who also focus on news and movements which are not always mainstream. Strong citizen organizations … Continue reading

Ontario’s Anti-Racism Directorate: Love, Fear and Loathing

February 19, 2016

Is it possible to feel love, fear and loathing after hearing a single message? On February 16th, 2016, the tension between these seemingly incompatible yet co-existent emotions was suddenly real to me. I was glued to Premier Kathleen Wynne’s televised announcement about the creation of an anti-racism directorate in Ontario. It wasn’t lost on me … Continue reading