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Sr. Development Coordinator at Tides Canada and Fellow in the Fellowship in Inclusion and Philanthropy Program.

Sharing Impact for a Different Level of Donor Engagement

September 30, 2016

With the increased scrutiny of charities to demonstrate where donor dollars are going, impact has become a term used to validate a charity and their work. Donors want to know the impact a charity has on the community and the causes the charity serves. As charities seek to grow and build philanthropic support, donors are … Continue reading

Trends in Corporate Fundraising

September 22, 2016

Corporate fundraising has become a staple in many fundraising shops, and accordingly, a number of trends have emerged in this fundraising space. What motivates a corporate donor can be very different from what motivates an individual donor. This is an important consideration that needs to be taken into account when building a relationship with a … Continue reading

Values-Driven Fundraising – Positioning Your Organization For Success

July 21, 2016

What is ‘values-driven fundraising’ and why does it matter? Values-driven fundraising focuses on understanding the values and priorities of a funder, which is critical to an organization’s fundraising success. Convincing a funder that a need exists should not be the the sole focus. Why should a funder care about your initiative, and more importantly, why … Continue reading

Grassroots Fundraising – Getting to the Root of the Issues

June 28, 2016

Whether it’s working with young people to help them understand the economic, social and environmental impacts of food or working together for collective liberation, grassroots organizations play an important role in society. They’re important because they help fill social, environmental and economic gaps, by bringing awareness and organizing around a social issue to provide resources … Continue reading