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AFP’s Inclusion and Philanthropy Fellow, currently works for the Royal Conservatory of Music, interested in practical and cultural philanthropy, enjoys fundraising databases.

A Tale of Two Conferences: Collection Versus Selection

November 18, 2016

– If you want to meet everybody, you will meet nobody. – If you aim for collection, you might miss the beauty of selection. These are a couple of things that I learned from my first AFP Toronto Congress back in 2012. Coincidentally, It was my first year in Canada as well. Many things were … Continue reading

Intra-Departmental Dialogue: An Effective Way to Demystify the Language of Fundraising Databases

October 11, 2016

Recently I had a chat with Sumina who works in the fundraising department of a charity in Toronto. She expressed her discomfort with understanding and navigating the way the language of her fundraising database is customized. She said, “the other day while browsing The Raiser’s Edge, I came across a donor profile whose solicit code … Continue reading