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Winsome Smith is an experienced worker with over 15 years’ working in public, non-profit and public organizations. Presently she volunteers as Chairperson at New Hope Community Church in Toronto.

The Grand Slam, No Trumps

July 5, 2016

“Graduates, If you have an analytical mind, an aptitude for solving thorny problems and highly developed reasoning powers you could be a very good Bridge Player …, we need people who can analyze complex circumstances…we are looking for a Grand Slam, no Trumps (New Scientist, January 29, 1987 Published by Reed Business Information). In answering … Continue reading

Looking In-Looking Out-Looking Even Better

June 2, 2016

Thanks to the gentle nudge from a LinkedIn mentor – Jeffrey, who told me about the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)… I am where I am today. My research into what this organization is all about (philanthropy , inclusivity, diversity, …), led me to a telephone call and my first contact with the organization. Coming … Continue reading